Prime Cuts Red Blend

Really juicy, accessible, soft, bright red. A nose of pure, crushed fresh raspberries with that Swartland sandy element, complete with a palate of summer berries, cream and dark spice on the finish.


Prime Cuts White Swartland

This wine is alive! Prime Cuts is a sensational white. You’re immediately attracted by the jasmine, lemon flowers, bright and citrusy overtones on the nose. The palate is a bright, textural thing of joy that reflects the sandy soils of its terroir. Packed with tangy fruits and lovely blossom notes. Masses of bright, textural bang on the finish, this is such a more-ish wine demanding of a second case. Prime Cuts wines are hand-crafted from the best grapes of each vintage… the ‘prime cut’ if you will. Firstly, interesting varieties are carefully sourced from across the Swartland region. Modern winemaking techniques coupled with expert blending produce these wines that are full of character and flavour. As much passion and skill goes into making this red and white pair as does for Boutinot’s more premium range of wines.




Albertoni Merlot

With gorgeous red-velvet and crimson hues, this Merlot has hints of wild berries and black pepper. On the palate, its smooth but complex body brings forth flavors of plum and black cherry, followed by a soft, satisfying finish.


Crane Lake Moscato: 

This sweet wine is light in color with floral aromas including notes of orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle. Flavors include peach, melon and spice. This wine can be sipped by itself, but is complementary to a number of foods. With appetizers try prosciutto, melon, brie cheese, or smoked salmon. For a main course I suggest baked ham, grilled red snapper or chicken.


LIFE IS SWEET (42 E. Main)


St. Cosme Little James Rogue

An ideal wine for discovering the typicity of Grenache from the southern Rhône. The wine combines a broad array of varietal Grenache traits: softness, red fruit, and vibrancy with a dash of power, length, and structure. Aromas and flavors of cherries, strawberry compote, and gingerbread.


Saint Lannes Gascogne

Domaine Saint Lannes is a blend of 80% Colombard and 20% Gros-Manseng. This wine has expressive citrus, peach, white flowers and tropical fruit flavors with bright mineral notes




Sun and Air Cinsault

Bright, brisk, and breezy, Sun & Air celebrates the Cape's maritime Atlantic climate. This Cinsault (parent grape to the Pinotage) grows extremely well in the coastal Cape region of South Africa. Perfumy aromas and flavours with soft, gentle tannins.


La Playa Sauvignon Blanc

A delicate pale gold. On the nose, aromas of lemon, fresh pineapple with hints of lavender. It is a bright well balanced wine with a clean minerality on the finish.


KEY REALTY (Tent on Tolan Square)


House Red

Fruit forward wine with intense Blackberry aromatics, and a refined oak profile. Full bodied wine with soft approachable tannins. Lingering berry fruit flavors round out the finish, with good weight.


Picket Fence Chardonnay

“Picket Fence Chardonnay is classic Russian River, with citrus blossom, hints of ripe stone fruit, crème brûlée, and a bright balanced acidity. Lightly toasted French oak enhances the structure and spice, coalescing into a round juicy wine with an attractive lingering finish.”


MOORE & MINTO (3 E. Main)


Storyteller Pinot Noir

Sonoma: Dusty ruby color. Aromas of black cherry, rosemary, and green pepper with a soft, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a medium-length dark cherry skin and sandalwood finish. A versatile Pinot for a wide selection of fare.


Martins Rake Sauvignon Blanc

New Zeeland: This is on the ripe side of the Sauvignon spectrum, with scents of honey and marmalade on the nose and flavors of ripe citrus, touches of stone fruit and hints of currant on the palate. It's simply fruit-driven, but satisfying nonetheless.





Santa Margherita Chianti

Italy: The aromas of this complex red wine range from cherries and plums to gladiolus flowers and earthy flint. The tannic, oak-aged flavors are bright and round, with a dry, warm, earthy finish. Best enjoyed with very flavorful dishes, such as tomato-based sauces, mushroom ravioli, beef or pork roasts, and game meats from venison to pheasant. It is also excellent with mature cheeses.


Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

Italy: With its straw yellow color, clean intense aroma, and dry golden apple taste, our signature Pinot Grigio is full of authentic, flavorful personality. A clean, lovely aperitif to start any food occasion. It goes wonderfully with fresh cheeses, seafood, pasta, and rice dishes, as well as white meats, sushi and soufflés.




Fuedo Zirtari Syrah

Sicily: Deep ruby red in color, it offers perfumes of fresh red fruits and a delicate but appealing spiciness. On the palate, it is elegant yet full-flavored, with a supple and pleasantly refreshing texture. Zirtari Rosso is excellent with grilled meats and all types of roasts. It is also delicious with rich pasta and rice dishes or with mature cheeses.


Fuedo Zirtari Chardonnay

Sicily: Deep straw yellow in color, it displays rich floral and fruity notes, with a faint hint of almonds. These sensations are echoed on the palate, along with an acidity that balances out the wine’s alcoholic warmth. Zirtari Bianco makes an exemplary match for many types of food thanks to its complex and varied range of aromas and flavors. This richness makes it ideal for the simplest or most elaborate seafood recipes, or for accompanying white meats.




Joel Gott Eye Chart (Red)

Napa Valley: Feast your eyes—and palate!—on this deli- cious Pinot Noir. Eye Chart Pinot Noir is bright in both color and flavor. Fresh cherry and violet aromas lead to raspberry and juicy red cherry flavors with hints of cola, berry jam and spice. With a silky texture and mouthwatering acidity, Eye Chart Pinot Noir is versatile and food-friendly—the kind of wine that makes you believe in love at first sight, or rather, first sip. 


Joel Gott Eye Chart (White)

Napa Valley:  Feast your eyes—and palate!—on this elegant Chardonnay. Eye Chart Chardonnay opens with vivid citrus and pear aromas with hints of oak and toasted spice. Rich and full-bodied with creamy peach, tart green apple, and tropical fruit flavors, this wine has a luxuriously silky texture perfectly off-set by crisp, refreshing acidity. With luscious, beautifully balanced flavors, and a soft, round mouthfeel, Eye Chart Chardonnay will make you believe in love at first sight, or rather, first sip.




Temperance Distilling

Assorted silk wines and liqueurs



FENDER’S BAR & GRILL (20 Wabash)


Hayes Ranch Cabernet

California: Flavors of red cherry and anise, with a hint of vanilla, abound in this Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is well balanced, with medium tannin, a smooth mid-palate and a spicy, coffee finish.


New Age White

The fruit is hand picked followed by crushing, cooling of crushed grapes, and pressing. Fermentation begins by inoculating with selected yeasts. Halfway through the fermentation process, the wine is centrifuged (spun) to halt fermentation, creating a slightly sweet, semi-sparkling wine. Should be served well-chilled as an aperitif or dessert. Also tastes great with spicy Thai, Indian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine.


New Age Red

Picked by hand from the Valentin Bianchi Estate vineyards, the grapes are crushed and cooled, followed by 12 hours of cold maceration (to pull the color from the skins) and pressing. Fermentation begins by inoculation with selected yeasts ,half- way through the fermentation process the wine is centrifuged (spun) to halt fermentation, creating a slightly sweet, semi- sparkling wine. This wine should be served well-chilled as an aperitif or dessert. Also tastes great with spicy , savory and sweet dishes.



THE OWL (9 W. Main)


Cherry Creek Rosie’s Rose

Michigan– Bronze Medal The ultimate summer wine. Michigan's answer to White Zin! ~Serve well chilled on a deck, or a boat!. Similar to white zinfandel but nicer.


Cherry Creek Summer Breeze

Michigan- Semi Sweet White – Double Gold  A wonderful Michigan blend, fruity with nice acid balance. Sweet, smooth and easy drinking. Great with cheese, ham & fish.


Cherry Creek Dancing Elephants Cider

Michigan: Cherry Apple Cider - Michigan Tart Cherry juice blended with local apples