237 W. MAIN

Skinny Girl Pinot Grigio (California)

Lightly sweet and perfectly crisp flavor. Bright and delicately sweet flavor combination. 


Gun Show Red Blend

A carefully nuanced blend of Cabrnet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Pinot Noir mastertly crafted for rich depth and exceedingly smooth finish.




Red Wine

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White Wine

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Temperance Distilling 6th Element Vodka (Michigan)

Expertly crafted in small batches in Michigan made from corn, distilled 6 times and blended with pure artesian water, 6th Element Vodka is gently filtered over carbon (the sixth element on the periodic table) using silver infused charcoal for the 6th and final filtration to create an unparalleled smoothness and taste. 

Temperance Distilling Peanut Butter Vodka (Michigan)

A unique blend of peanut butter flavor and vodka that is sure to please.  You’ll be surprised the first time you taste it.  The authentic peanut butter taste will have you coming back for more.  Mixes well with chocolate, coffee, or banana flavored liqueurs. 

Temperance Distilling 6th Element Apple Vodka (Michigan)

6th Element Apple is packed with a bushel of flavor, providing the taste one expects from an apple flavored vodka.  It truly is like eating a tart apple. 

Temperance Distilling 6th Element Citrus Vodka (Michigan)

Rich in the citrus flavors of lemon, lime, and orange with a great smooth finish.  Drink it straight or use it in your favorite mixed drink.  Either way you’ll love the true citrus flavor. 

Temperance Distilling Davenport's American Blended Whiskey (Michigan)

Davenport’s handcrafted whiskey with a hint of bourbon and an unparalleled smoothness.  Made in Temperance, Michigan by expert craftsmen in small batches.  Try it on the rocks or in your favorite whiskey cocktail.

Temperance Distilling Davenport's Wildfire (Michigan)

Davenport’s Wildfire cinnamon flavored whiskey is a unique blend of Canadian whiskey and the heat of cinnamon candy guaranteed to light your mouth on fire.  As your tastes mature, so should your drinks.  Wildfire is made for those whose palate has outgrown the cinnamon whiskey of their younger years with a smoothness and flavor great as a shot or on the rocks. 


20 Wabash

La Petit Chat (France)

This scrumptious dry white wine is wonderfully aromatic and mouth-filling, crammed with citrus fruit flavours, a touch of apricot and a subtle twist of spices.

The Long Little Dog Red Blend (France)

This blend of Grenache and Syrah is at once intensely fruity, warmingly southern and slightly aromatic on the nose. Plump and juicy with luscious texture and subtle twist of spice on the finish, it is a fruit-driven style brimming with blackberry flavours yet underpinned with a backbone that hints at something more serious.

Kung Fu Girl Riesling (Washington State)

White peach, mandarin orange and apricot are delivered with a core of minerality that makes the wine shimmer with energy and freshness.


23 Wabash

Temperance Distilling Tolly's Peanut Butter Cup (Michigan)

The perfect harmony of velvety chocolate and smooth peanut butter flavors expertly crafted to create an irrestible blend of this classic combination.  Great straight out of the bottle, chilled, or blended with ice.  A great topper to ice cream or coffee.  Mix with your favorite spirit for a dessert martini. 

Temperance Distilling Tolly's Vanilla Spice (Michigan)

Spice cake, cookies, creamy vanilla ice cream.  These tastes of childhood are swirled together in Tolly’s Vanilla Spice creating a decadence that an adult can appreciate.  Great straight out of the bottle, chilled, or blended with ice.  A great topper to ice cream or coffee.  Mix with your favorite spirit for a dessert martini. 

Temperance Distilling Silk Premium Wines (Michigan)

Silk Wines are available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate.  They are a blend of cream and delicious flavors. Perfect for after dinner, or warmed up for a grown up hot chocolate.    

Temperance Distilling Liquor Whipped Vodka infused whipped cream

Tasting Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, and Strawberry.  Great for topping desserts, shots, drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever you can think of.


52 E. Main

Santa Marghertia Sparkling Rose (Italy)

This pale pink wine brings a full bouquet of pleasing floral aromas with hints of red berry, artfully crafted with a blend of white wine made from Chardonnay and Glera grapes and a red varietal, Malbec. Its flavor is delicate, but vibrant and well rounded, remaining on the palate and making this a deliciously easy-drinking wine.

Torresella Prosecco (Italy)

Pale yellow in color, this excellent sparkling wine from the Veneto is fresh and delicately aromatic, with hints of white florals, toast, and candied lemon.Can be enjoyed throughout the meal, also excellent with crisp cookies or fruit desserts.


108 E. Main

Cherry Creek Wood Duck Riesling (Michigan)

A serious dry Riesling with just the right acid balance to complement fish and mild cheeses. Proof that Michigan Rieslings don’t have to be sweet.

Cherry Creek Devils Lake Red (Michigan)

Devils Lake Red (Ninja Red) –  Silver Medal –  This is a fun, fruity, chillable Red Wine. A blend that always includes some Concord, for that classic grape note. Great for summer fun!


112 E. Main

Anew Riesling (Washington - Columbia Valley)

Anew Riesling offers an inviting balance of pure fruit flavor, expressive aromas and crisp acidity. The wine delivers aromas of ripe fruit and subtle spice with fresh peach flavors and a clean, refreshing finish.

Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrel Cabernet (California)

Intense Vanilla . Black Currant . Coffee . Medium-bodied. This Cabernet is layered and complex... leaps from the glass with aromas of blackberry cobbler, graham cracker, brown sugar, milk chocolate, coffee and smoke. Palate of blueberry pie, praline, sweet vanilla custard, caramel and mocha is framed by soft chewy tannins and a hint of toasted oak.


153 E. Main

19 Crimes Hard Chard (Australia)

Our Hard Chard honours the brave contributions of the women banished to Australia with the boldest expression of Chardonnay we could make.

19 CrimesThe Banished - Dark Red (Australia)

A blend that is brooding with richness. Like the wine rations served on convict ships, every sip deserves to be savored.


334 County Street

Cherry Creek Dancing Elephants Cider (Michigan)

Tart Cherry juice blended with local apples. RS – 4%

Cherry Creek Tipsy Grandma Bourbon (Michigan)

Barrel aged cider

Cherry Creek St. Tryphon (Michigan)

Wine / Cider hybrid

31 E. Main

Josh Cellars Legacy (California)

Aromatic blue fruits and brown spices delight the nose, most notably the fresh plum and blackberry fruit. The wine is dense and juicy, with baked plums and dark cherries, layered with roasted almonds and hazelnuts, finishing long with fine, soft tannins.

Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (California)

Bright aromas of lemon, lime and pineapple are the core of this wine with layers of white flower nectar, peach and tropical melon. The palate of the wine is fresh and alive with clean fruit flavors and a perfectly balanced, crisp finish.

17 E. Main

Modern Craft The Luau (Michigan)

A mix of our tropical fruit wine and Cran-Apple Juice.  Beautiful colors - Beautiful flavors that will have you Oceanside in the Caribbean.

Modern Craft Mojito Libre (Michigan)

We are bringing this back for this one special event to make a big tropical splash Mojito Style.  White wine infused with spearmint and lime.  Add a splash of tonic over ice to get you dreaming Summer

Modern Craft Adult Rock and Rye (Michigan)

Modern Craft Wine mixes up our version of Rock and Rye.  Blackberry + Raspberry with a splash of cream soda.  

Modern Craft Northbound Red (Michigan)

Feeling adventurous?  Try our well rounded red wine that suits many pallets.  Just make sure you’re ready for the taste of adventure.


23 Tolan

Santa Margherita Chianti Classico (Italy)

The aromas of this complex red wine range from cherries and plums to gladiolus flowers and earthy flint. The tannic, oak-aged flavors are bright and round, with a dry, warm, fresh earthy finish.

Torresella Pinot Grigio (Italy)

A dry white wine with a straw yellow hue. Aromas of citrus, cut pear and delicate florals. This wine is elegant and well-balanced, with a crisp, refreshing finish.